Student of the Institute of Modern Art, pop and jazz department, studio of professor and coach Polteva Marina Vladimirovna Go

Singer of Moscow Music Hall under the leadership of Plato Ravinsky 2013-2014  

took part in the tour tour rap artist Djigan 2014  

TV show participant Big change "on NTV (the role of Britney Spears) 2013  

Work on the first solo album in 2012 “Love Poison”   Winner of contests:  

Golden Voice -2006  

"Festos" - 2007  

International competition "Start up" -2008  

I place of the X Russian Competition "Silver Voices" 2009  

Participant of the Youth International Festival "We are together!", "Territory  Sports "    

A graduate of the school-studio pop, film and television J. Churikova. (Passed  training in ECTV at the rate of pop and acting department)  

Three-time winner of the contest "Fashion Model Voice" 2011 karaoke club "Hysterics".  

I place in the International vocal TV competition "START -UP" Spring - 2011  

Finalist of the International Competition of vocal "Art of Five Steps To  Olympus "(Club Dorffman September 2011)  

I place in the competition of vocalists "Golden microphone" (yacht club "Admiral" 29.10.2011)  

I place in the festival “Art for Peace” (Festival Internazionale “L’arte  per la pace ”Dedicato all’Anno della cultura russa in Italia. Diploma  Vincitore di Pimo premio Si rilascia al primo classificato)  Roma, Italia 03 Dicembre 2011  

She completed an internship in Rome in vocal technique with teacher Serena Otaviani in Roma Rock School (La prima scula di Musica Rock in Italia) December 2011.

At the end of 2015 - 2016 she works as a singer in the Côte d'Azur group (hit “I want to get married” In 2016, she created his international group INTERSHOW ANGELIKA consisting of more than 15 musicians from all over the world (Cubans, Africans, Korean, Chinese women, half-breeds and mulattoes and other nations) and simultaneously performs solo with his author's material. 2018 - February 19 The release of the song “The Light of My Soul” was released. The author of the music and lyrics is Ruslana Sobieva. In April 2018, the first official album is scheduled to be released. In 2018 come out the single “Polovina” by the author of Music and words of Ruslana Sobieva, arranger Manuk Ghazaryan.

The 1st Miss Russ in Sochi 2018. February 10, 2019 the first video for the song “Poputchiki ”, as well as the English version of the song “Freedom”

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